30 August 2006

By a Classmate

Twas the night before Thursday, and everyone was tired
The new schedule of calls had everyone caffeinated and wired
Classes were starting to get hard, 09 was getting the blame
For 10 sucking it up at the k-test game
Form-10’s and confinements were already old
For a “more military academy” the wing’s happiness had been sold
On this night however, a feeling began to grow
From all of the 09ers who had been feeling quite low
They looked over their calendars, no, it couldn’t be right
Could it really be that tonight was the night
Tomorrow, they would sing out 1000 days left to go
And everyone would get a free burrito
Tomorrow they would forget all that had made them mad
And they would try their hardest without alcohol to be glad
For in 1000 days they would hear those amazing words
“you are dismissed” and flip USAFA the bird
But tonight however, there was still work left to do
Dear God how am I going to survive 1000 more days in the zoo
The same way I guess, I’ve made it this far
I’ll hope for a D. in Engr Mech cause I’m an academic superstar


~*Joyzey*~ said...

That's great.

I guess it's What Would You be in the MARINE'S! Not Military. LOL

Palm boy said...

Hey, they did play 'welcome to the jungle' when you came in.

Who gives out the burritos?

мαdd said...

1000 more days?

Dad said...


Congradulations on having less than a 1000 days left.

We are very proud of your accomplishments.

Love Mom and Dad