10 August 2006

My Hair Is On Fire

I'm mad.
Really mad.

Some one up on Wing Staff decided that all storage rooms need to up to standards now.
While I usually don't have a problem with this,
We're usually given about two weeks to get that squared away because of the size of the task.
That and all the rules, regulations, and standards are going to change tomorrow when they release the new Cadet Sight Picture (CSP).
So we're going to have to redo them tomorrow.

Since I'm in charge of Safety and Security,
That falls under my jurisdiction.
(Why storage is considered a safety or security matter is beyond me)
So it fell to me to make sure that all three storage rooms for all four classes were in order.

Normally I don’t mind this kind of thing.
I’m rather used to doing things that seem pointless just because I’m told too.
That and I usually love doing my job and being helpful.
And I’m into security and all that.
That’s why I asked for the job.

The order to get the storage room came out around 1945.
And the deadline was 2100 tonight.
Swing goes from 2000 to 2200.
So by the time I got over the storage rooms done and got over the Arnold Hall,
It was about 2115.
My two hours of dancing got cut too 45 min.

I’m really mad.


Anonymous said...

umm, you're a student at a military academy. so you should expect stuff like this.

Redwalldebater said...

AH! Poor Jason!

DAWEED said...

lol sry
but hey at least you go to dance a little bit :)

Palm boy said...

So, you have to rearange it tommarow?

~*Joyzey*~ said...

LOL, my bro walked by and saw the title and asked "Is he serious?"

мαdd said...

Anonymous, don't be a jerk.

I actually thought you meant your head was LITERALLY on fire...

I'm weird.

I am sorry though. =/ I know nothing of yuor military regulations, but it sounds sort of unfair to me.

Carey said...
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