22 August 2006

Skipping Stones

"She told me she loved me again and again ,
Like a stone skipping over water,
And when I believed here,
It sank"

Our English teacher read this this morning.
It made for an interesting conversation.
We talked about what the poet meant by this.
One cadet brought up the point that
"The skipping is the fun part,
After it's over,
You just pick up another stone."
Every one else thought that was funny.

I didn't like the message behind it,
Or the fact that everyone else thought it was humorous.
The world is under the impression that relationships have little or no meaning,
They think they can keep going until they find what they want.

Pardon my old fashioned thinking,
But here is my opinion.

Relationships are to be more than that.
They are to have a deeper meaning.
God did not create man and woman just to entertain each other,
But to help each other through life.
That means that such a relationship is designed to be long term,
Not the “while I enjoy it” outlook that the rest of the world has taken on.

Other than my immediate family,
I have only one true (human) friend.
His name is Chris.
(He was my roommate over the summer)We didn’t get to be such good friends from just hanging out when it suited us,
We stuck it out and supported each other when the other would have a problem.
I’d listen to him and he would listen to me.
The fact that we have so much in common helps there too.
We’re both Eagle Scouts and we’re both in the class of 2009 up here at USAFA.
We worked together a lot in scouts and we both want to be fighter pilots.
(Even if we can’t agree which plane is better)
We support each other.

I believe that any serious relationship between two people of the opposite gender should be the same.
It should be a long term relationship no matter what trouble comes their way.
This is why the marriage vows include sickness and all that stuff.
It was not designed to be until one tired of the other,
But as long as they both shall live

It’s not like shoe shopping.
You can’t try on five (or 25 for some of you) shoes
And decide which one feels better.

My pastor makes a good analogy when it comes to this.
He says that when you think your ready for a significant other,
Get involved in a ministry that God has called you too,
And run the race,
Look to your left and right to see who is running besides you.
Then take that person's hand,
And run together


Redwalldebater said...

I like that analogy, and I think part of the reason that today's society is like it is is because (to many is's) they do get a taste of that. The line "until I believe" is the key there.

They (he/she) ends up beleiving right up until they're (he/she) dropped. That is a taste of what they want so they go out again AKA picking up another stone until they find a feather that won't sink.

~*Joyzey*~ said...

Very, very nice post. Not much that could be added, so I won't try.

the nice anon said...

Very well said. I agree.

Palm boy said...

So, was the guy saying what the poet meant? What was the final verdict?

Anonymous said...

Who is the author of that poem?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

That was just a random comment during the class.
I have no idea who the author was.
It was written 10+ years ago.

the cute nerd said...

I'm still researching the author. Will find, Anonymous.

the cute nerd said...

Actually, Tommy didn't suggest you get involved in a ministry when you think you're ready for a significant other -- you just serve God, and He brings that person to you... regardless of when you think you're ready or not.

[If people acted upon when they thought they were ready, most of humankind would (and does) get involved when they're not ready, and the rest of us would never get involved.]

*steps off soapbox*

thepatriot15 said...

So, Jason, if you don't date, are you going to court, or how are you going to go about all that?

Palm boy said...

Excellent question from the lady.
Probably deserves a full post...
*awaiting answer*

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

That's the plan.
But the time has not come yet.
It may be soon,
It may be much later,
I plan to follow through with it.

Palm Boy,
Why should that be a seperate post?
Do you find it that interesting?

~*Joyzey*~ said...

Yes we do. Familys have different "rules" about how to go about courting, people who are older tend to have slightly different ideas about it since they are not under their parents roof. So yes, it would be interesting to hear about.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

My parents never set any rules,
As in this is the way it is.
(At least not that I'm away of, I may have just absorbed them and made them my own)
But we did have discussions on the best way to pursue a serious relationship.

I'm not big on the whole dating thing.
Most people don't tend to be themselves in those enviorments.
It should be done with a group of people that know both individuals very well
(aka their familys)
To ensure that the individuals aren't just putting on a mask.

I also think the guy should ask the girl's father's permission first.
And he should also get to know her mother since she will most likly refelect her mother.

That's my opinion

the cute nerd said...

Smart opinion. Follow through.

мαdd said...

I like the analogy of the stones and picking up another, but I don't think it's funny at all. Unfortunately, as you said, it's the way we look at relationships.

Unlike a stone, hwever, we should go on skipping until we sink, not until we get bored of the other rock.

It's rather interesting trying to put the whole idea of 'relationships' into rocks.

Palm boy said...

Ah. So we should be looking for styrofoam, love that never sinks.

Or, wood. Because you know, styrofoam is light and fluffy, but wood, wood floats through thick and thin, and isn't blown off by the winds of change.
And those of you who know me personally, there's other reasons I like wood. :D

мαdd said...

Or maybe cork.