05 August 2006

The Pink Cell Phone

A few days ago,
My roomate and I decided to go to dinner together.
We went down the stairs.
As we rounded the corner of the stairwell,
I noticed he went further out to take the corner wide.
I usually take the corners sharply,
So I continued close to the wall.
I was talking with him so I was looking away from the wall.
I round the corner,
And the first thing I see is a pink cell phone two inches from my face.
Directly on the other side of the cell phone was a girl.
Total distance: three inches.

I excused myself and kept going.
After a small distance,
My roommate said,
“Yeah, Saw that coming.”
Me: “And you didn’t warn me because…?”
Roommate: “Dude, I gotta get you hooked up with a girl somehow…”
Me: “Just because you’re already engaged doesn’t mean I have too.”
My roommate is cool.
We get along great, But sometimes…

Why do so many people assume that just because you’ve reached a certain age range means you have to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
I’m perfectly content the way I am,

(My mom is going to kill me for this next part.)
That doesn’t mean that I don’t want a girlfriend,
It just means that at this stage in my life it is probably not the best thing for me.
I came here with the mindset to avoid this entirely until I am nearing graduation so that the emotional strain of a long distance relationship would not interfere with my studies here at the Academy.
That and I would hate to constantly be leaving a girl at home all the time.
I could not stand to break someone’s heart.
I would rather die first.
(Edit: Unfortunatly, that option isn't always availible)

Unfortunately the culture up here dictates that my bachelorhood will only continue for another two years.
I could never go to Ring Dance without a date,
That would be culturally unacceptable.
I would be shunned for the rest of my career in the Air Force,
And possibly in the real world too.
Edit: Maybe I should take Abbey.


Jeremy said...
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Palm boy said...

Aw man... My original comments are gone. :D

We're called to be aliens in a forign land, and so the culture will rub us wrong. A lot.

Hope that helps. :D

Redwalldebater said...

Tch! girlfriend/boyfriend who needs them! LoL

Tell your room mate I still think he's cool... and weird, but those two things are synonomous in my world =D

The Weird Roomie said...

Thanks, but we aren't roomies any more, that was just for the summer. I like being cool, at least people think that. You wouldn't if you ever met me. Probably think I was a geek. (But hey, all of us have a little bit of geekiness in them somewhere. Not sure on spelling of that though.)