05 March 2006

Spring Break

The three weeks between today and spring break will probably be the most challenging my life has seen so far.
This next week is a six day school week.
So I’ll only get one day of weekend.
If I just chilled out during the weekend,
This wouldn’t be a problem.
I work my tail of trying to get school work done and caught up on sleep.
Then the weekend after that will be taken up with recognition.
Which is supposed to be the most physically challenging thin any of us have gone through.

I’m gonna have three weeks of school,
With a one day weekend,
And more beatings than I’ve gotten all year.
This is gonna be rough.
I’d appreciate it if y’all prayed for me.
I’m gonna need every bit of it.

And if you get a chance,
Drop me an e-mail or something.
It is always encouraging to hear from people back home.


Palm boy said...

Wow. Sounds like the break will be well deserved. Are you staying up there, or coming down here?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I'm coming home,
It'll take a whole squadron of Security Forces to keep me up here.

Carey said...

Haha... I'm am picturing you escaping.