06 March 2006

13th Day

All I've gotten so far is two pictures.
I'll go ahead and tell you and I'll post later if I get more.

At about 0130 (1:30 AM),
We ran out to the Terrazzo and split up into teams.
Each team took a different plane.
I got the F-16.
We painted giant “13”s on all the tails.
This may sound like no big deal,
But anything with the planes is prohibited.
But we got paperwork signed that said it was ok.
(The Upperclassmen that signed it got in BIG trouble later)
So that was a big deal.

Painting the F-16 was a real pain.
It was below freezing and breezy that night.
So the plane was frosted.
It was really slippery.
The F-16’s Vertical Stabilizer (The part I was standing on) slopes down too.
So the was only about six inches I could stand on.
That and it was so cold I had a hard time handling the paint brush.

On top of that,
Since we are Squadron 13, Fighting Bulldawgs.
We got the Command Center to play “Who Let the Dawgs Out” instead of Revelry at 0630 (6:30 AM).
It turns out we getting beat while it was playing.
So we would bark with the music.
Good times.


Palm boy said...

Who has to clean off the paint?
Or will the piolets forever wear the bulldogs number with pride?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

We cleaned them the next day.
That's part of the rules.
All spirit missions must be cleaned up within 24 hours.

And they're static displays.
They're bolted to the ground.
They don't fly.

Carey said...

Sounds like fun. Love hearing about it.

Redwalldebater said...

That's just weird Jason. I mean you've done weird things but that's just weird. And the fact that you got an upperclassman to sign the papers... wow... I mean wow.

Carey said...

Hehe... well "weird" and "Jason" are sort of synonymous, aren't they?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Is that supposed to be news,

Carey said...


DAWEED said...

ok first it looks like the Worth Ranch symbol in the pic farther away.

And second WHY do you have pics of you doing a bad thing??

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

It's a "13" not a "WR".
there's a difference between bad and wrong.
This wasn't wrong.
And I would contend it's not bad either.
It's part of the culture up here.