13 March 2006

A Prayer for Recognition

Lord God Almighty,
I lift up the coming weekend to you.
I pray that you would give me the ability to succeed and excel.
It says in your word that
We also rejoice in our sufferings,
Because we know that suffering produces perseverance;
Perseverance, character.
I thank You that You have put me in such a position to develop character.
I am awed that You would give me an opportunity to become a leader of character for You.
I’ve been told that we should pray that You make my back stronger as opposed to my load lighter.
I pray for supernatural strength.
I pray that I would endure this weekend,
Not for myself,
But for You.
I ask that you would work through me,
So I can work for You.
I pray that while working for You,
Others would see.
They would see the power you give me.
And that I would be able to explain that I am able to do these things and persevere,
Not because of my own strength,
But because of Your power that flows through me.
I pray that as they see You working through me.
They would be drawn to You.
In the name of Your saving Son


Carey said...

You make me cry sometimes.

Grasshopper said...

Good Luck this weekend; enjoy it! Recognition is tough, fun, and rewarding. It's the last time you're going to get beat so enjoy the experience (unless you're still on Honor Guard/Sabre Drill, then I just feel bad for ya...) Like I mentioned before, only graduation topped the feeling of completing recognition while I was at USAFA. Ring Dance night is probably 3rd. Best Wishes.

- JS, Class of '01

DAWEED said...

hey do you have SPRING BREAK!!
unlike us sonlight peoples. :(

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Yes I get a spring break.
And don't try to make your one school day a week sound tough either.
I've already earned my break
With blood sweat and tears.
(Ok, maybe not tears)
And I'm gonna pay even more this weekend.

Carey said...

Blood?! Good heavens, what are they doing to you?

мαdd said...

*wipes off tear*
Awww, you made me cry.
Darn you.

Carey said...

I know, he makes me cry too.