18 March 2006


Since we finished Recognition.
We get some "privilages"
Here's what the Commandant said.

For the Class of 2009, you have earned your prop and wings and an increase in privileges. At the recommendation of AFCW and 34 TRG Commanders, the following privileges, to be used in accordance with AFCWMAN 36-3501, The Cadet Sight Picture, are effective immediately for all fourth-class cadets. Standard rules/exceptions may still apply to cadets on probation or not "in good standing."

1. Authorization of civilian clothes
2. Full use of unit SARs and resources
3. Wear of issued backpack over both shoulders
4. No weekly knowledge evaluations
5. Use of stereos
6. "At Rest" in all areas/rooms in AMI
7. Use of dormitory elevators
8. Use of patent leather shoes


Redwalldebater said...

Wow... that's cool. Lots of new things for you to have fun with :D

Palm boy said...

"2. Full use of unit SARs and resources"

Yeah, partaking of Severe Acute Respirtory Syndrome and the resulting medical treatment is a privilige.

"3. Wear of issued backpack over both shoulders"

Dude, whats this different from?

"5. Use of stereos"

Music? Radio?

"6. "At Rest" in all areas/rooms in AMI"


Pretty sweet.

Carey said...

Wow, you get to use elevators... and wear patent leather shoes. How exciting!

LOL, Robert!

мαdd said...

Zong. Congratulations, you're moving up in the world!!

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

As opposed to carrying those 50 lb backpacks.