03 March 2006

100's Night

I don't think I mentioned this before,
But the chair room wasn't the only room I helped with.
I went down to Group Staff to see what was happening down there.
A friend of mine was there too.
We were checking the area out when we noticed that the Group commander’s door was unlocked.
On the counter was some candy and a note.
The note essentially said that we could do anything we wanted to the room.
We could listen to his CDs,
Eat his food,
Just so long as his skiing equipment was usable for the next day.
We thought,
“ poor guy, no one is doing anything to his room.”

So we made a quick plan and executed.
We moved his entire room into the shower.
Every piece of clothing,
Every piece of furniture.
The only thing that was left was the sink.

I wasn’t at the Hill yesterday,
But apparently they finally announced the winning rooms.
That room won first place in “Most Likely to Make a Firstie Cry”
So we won the $100 prize with an spur of the moment idea.
Not bad,
I didn’t expect that.

As for what we did today for the 13th day,
I’ll let you know as soon as I get the pics from my classmate.


Anonymous said...

Kicking up your feet again

You got Love IT !

Palm boy said...

OOOH. So that was someone else's room you rearanged??? Wow.

Hows the skiiing up there?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Beat's me.
I never get out of here.

Carey said...

*laughs* Like that picture of you at the desk, General.