12 March 2006

Half Empty? Or Half Full?

I caught myself singing while walking to class yesterday.
(Silently of coarse,
The Upperclassmen would beat me if it was out loud.
Whether that’s because we’re not supposed to talk on the Terrazzo,
Or because I can’t sing,
I don’t know)

Then I thought,
Why am I singing?
I’m supposed to be miserable.
I have to go to class on Saturday,
I just got finished with a horrible week of exams, and homework,
Recognition is next week,
And I’m still a fourth classmen,
So I’m not even human yet.

Then I realized oh yeah,
That horrible week.
I just finished going through a valley,
So of coarse I’d be at the mountain top.

Then I though,
Aren’t you supposed to hit the mountain top and then the valley?
That’s how people look at the cycle,
But not me.
The cycle starts at the bottom,
And then goes up.
So it’s always getting better.

Then I thought,
So does that make me a glass have empty or half full type of person.

Then I got the greatest realization yet.
In Psalm 23:5 it doesn’t say anything about half of a glass.
It says my cup overflows.
MY cup.
I claim that.



Redwalldebater said...


Love that post Jason!

Carey said...

That's a great attitude to have, Jason. Keep it up!

Palm boy said...

Dude! Your a piolet! Of course your always heading up.

мαdd said...

...wow. I wish I was as optomistic as you. Wow.

untamed said...

That's awesome. It's so easy to look at things from the top to bottom. Way to go for optimistic!
(it really is ecouraging)