02 March 2006

13th Day until Recognition

Tomorrow is the 13th day until Recognition.
If you recall from my previous posts,
The squadron with the number of the day does something to promote squadron pride.
They're called Spirit Missions.
We’ve got ours planned.
And it’ll be good.

What’s better is…
The Secretary of the Air Force will be here tomorrow.
(He’s the guy that put us at rest during the weekend of the Army game).
He’s the number one guy in the Air Force
The Head Honcho.
The Big Cheese.
Da Man.
So he’ll see it all.
And we’ll say,
That’s Bulldawg pride.
That’s how we role.”

I’ll tell you how it goes.
I’ll try to get pics and video too.
But I’m not going to spoil the surprise now.
I’ll post them all together when I edit it all.

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