16 March 2006


Word is they are going to confiscate all devices of communication and all mechanisms for calculating time sometime this afternoon.
That means laptops, cell phones, even Angela.
(Those of you who know her will be laughing now)
I will have no form of Communication with the outside world until Saturday evening at the soonest.

This is going to be like all six weeks of Basic packed into 60 hours.
Rest assured I will probably be in pain just about all of that time.
Also no that I go into it knowing that I will come out alive and successful in the end.
Not because of anything in me though.

Pray for my health and attitude.
That I would do well,
And that others would wonder how.

Know that I will come out alive.
That is the only guarantee.


Anonymous said...


We are on the side lines cheering you on!

Love Ya

Dad and Mom

and the rest of the Koller's

Carey said...
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Carey said...

Hopefully you will come back in one piece.

Palm boy said...

They took angalena???