30 July 2005

Day 31

Day 31 Sat 30-JUL-2005
One whole month out here.
I must be crazy.

We did Operation Warrior today.
That has got to be the coolest course out here.
They gave us real M-16s and a bunch of blanks. (bullets that don't shoot anything)
Then they trained us in small team tactics and turned us lose in the woods.
We were the offensive team in the morning.
We were supposed to ambush the enemy base. (protected by another flight)
As we got closer to the tents, I knew the would have snipers hidden in the trees and bushes.
They would try to take us out and they could because they knew what direction we'd be coming from.
I knew the only way to prevent this was to go wider and flank the snipers.
No one went with me, so I went alone.
I picked off two of them before they figured out what was going on.
Unfortunately, they had already killed a quarter of my flight.
I got a total of four that time.

We got Defense in the afternoon.
We were broken up into teams of four
Our assigned team leader took off, so I took over.
I got the three of us hidden in some bushes behind some rocks on the top of a nearby hill.
We were able to take out the first wave from that direction.
It was either the only wave, or the rest pulled back,
because we never saw anymore from that direction.
We then picked off their main wave that was rushing the base.
I lost count after eighteen.
I did better this time because I was hidden and stationary.
They were in the open and moving.
Also, I found the automatic mode this time.
That helped some.

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