19 July 2005

Day 20

Day 20 Tue 19-JUL-2005Pt again this morning.
It was much easier than normal.

They bussed us to Peterson AFB.
We got to see all the planes that flew over yesterday and more.
The pilots were there to answer any questions.
We're told that these planes were brought in from all over the world just for us.
There are no dignitaries or anybody who are coming out to see these planes, just us.
That's cool.
Maybe that's why our education is estimated at some $300,000.

Civil Air Patrol was having their Advanced Technology Academy at a hangar right next to where we were.
I noticed a plane that had CAP colors and thought it unusual that they'ed show us a CAP plane.
Not many cadets would care about that.
But I knew what plane that was.
It was the new Airbus we just bought.
They're going to put Hyper Spectral Imaging Systems in it.
It'll help a ton with Search and Rescue.
I remembered getting a briefing about it when I went through ATA.
It was still in the design phase then.
I went to talk to the pilot and he told me that ATA was in the nearby hangar.
I went in there and met the Col. McNeely.
He ran ATA when I did it.
They let me hang out inside their air conditioned build and showed me all their new toys.
All the stuff I used in ATA is gone.
All the stuff I tested has been advanced and they're use version 2.
Cool stuff.
They let me fill up my Camel Bak with Ice before I left.
I didn't tell anyone about that.
It came in handy,
our bus broke down half way back to the Academy and we had no air.

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