27 July 2005

Day 28

Day 28 Wed 27-JUL-2005
This morning we had the Assult Course.
Supposedly, this is the toughest course out here.
I heard (from a reliable source that was there) that 18 basics quit because it was too hard.
Another 32 were sent to the hospital.
This was all on the first day too.
I didn't think it was to bad.
It didn't seem THAT hard.
The Assault course is a bunch of obstacles with tunnels, barbed wire, mud pits, and various other battlefield like obstcals.
We run it with an M-16 and a Kevlar helmet.
They have cadre running around shooting blanks out of M-16s and setting of simulated grenades.
every time we heard one of those we had to through ourselves on the ground and yell "GRENADE!!!" and jump back up as fast as we could.
Needless to say, this alone was tiring.
On top of that, if there was a line for an obstcale, we didn't just stand and wait.
We did High Knees. (essentially, jumping running in place, but kicking your knees up as high as they go. Not fun)
They gave us real bayonets to run the course with.
That was fun.

Before we did the Assault Course, we did Pugil Sticks.
Those are padded sticks we beat each other with.
It's to simulate hand to hand combat with an empty rifle.
I made it to Flight Semi-Finals.
Then they paired me up against one of our recruited football players.
I got the first two points because I was faster and I stayed low.
I went for his stomach with the bayonet part of my stick.
Then he finally realized what was going on.
He started going for me head.
I don't remember anything from his third point.
I just remember sitting up on the other side of the ring with a slight headache.
That guy can pack a punch.
I'm not ashamed of being beat by him.
I almost won. (had I gotten one more point)
My stick made contact with his stomach just about every time he got my head.
It's just that the effects of his strike were a little more obvious.
He went on to get second in our flight.
the guy that beat him took first for the squad.
I think that makes my performance look pretty good.
I don't think any of my classmates expected me to make it that far.

Not me, but it's a good visual.

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