09 July 2005

Day 10

Day 10 Sat 09-JUL-2005
Today was our first SAMI.
We passed.
The only thing the inspector could find wrong was our boots.
even then only part of them, the sides.
He could see his face in the toe, but not the sides.
So close to a perfect score.
Oh well...

Did the AFT today (Aerobic Fitness Test).
It's a mile and a half run.
I got 13:12.
I could have done better, but I knew it was just practice and a classmate needed encouraging.

We got the rankings today.
Our Squadron is #1 in the group and our Flight is #3
(The Cadet wing is divided into groups. There is only one group for BCT. There are 8 Squads in the group and 36 Flights within all those Squads.)

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