12 July 2005

Day 13

Day 13 Tue 12-JUL-2005
This morning was not a march,
It was a run.
That's OK, it was only 5 miles.
(Uphill both ways and in the snow ;-)

I won the Flight's first Drill Down.
What happens is the flight starts in a regular formation.
The upperclassmen calls random commands.
If you to slow, or do the wrong thing, or follow a command that should not have been given, your out.
For example...
He calls "About Face" and you hesitate ever so slightly,
You're out.
He calls "Left Face" and you turn right,
You're out.
He calls "Present Arms" you give a salute and hold it.
He calls "Order Hands" or "Order Pizza" (a favorite of theirs) and you so much as flinch,
You're out.
The proper command is "Order Arms"
It was intense.
A lot of our guys are prior enlisted, or Prep Schoolers, or JROTC.
It got to the point where he was calling them faster then we could execute,
so you had to remember about 5 or 6 commands in order.
Eventually it was down to Mcauliff and I.

(That's me behind him)
Eventually the upperclassman gave up on stationary drill and marched us.
It was so intense I was sweating profusely when we got done.
It was fun though.

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