14 July 2005

Day 15

Today was fun.
One of our Cadre who is really good at drilling drilled us today.
We did it on the Terrazzo in front of all the other flight.
We did a bunch cool drills that they didn't know.
We also did regular stuff with speed and precision.
We ran circles around one flight.
All the other cadre were just staring at us.
So were their basics.
They didn't like that.
I think they were all jealous.

We got our rifles today.
They're M-14s.
I don't know what to name mine.

We got to try out the simulators.
We flew T-6s in the area.
After we got bored with the normal stuff.
I got my hands on the computer and changed a few numbers.
Instead of 200 knots, we started doing 1000 kn.
We buzzed the runway where everyone else was trying to take off.
After we got bored with that.
We flew up the canyon, @1000kn.
that was fun.

The sky was beautiful tonight.
A storm had just blew through, so the sun was reflecting pink form part of the cloud, and yellow on another part.
That mixed with the clear blue sky next to it was just breath taking.
I'd like to have taken a picture of it, but cameras never seem to do these things justice.
That and basics aren't aloud to have them.

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