25 July 2005

Day 26

Day 26 Mon 25-JUL-2005
We did the Leadership Reaction Course again this morning.
We got to all five obstcales.
We made it through all but one.
The cadre say that no one makes it through this one on their first attempt.
They also said we got closer to finishing than anyone else they'd seen.
Time was running out, and our leader wasn't making any decisions.
We had to get a oil drum from one tower to another.
We had two ropes and two planks to use.
We had the two ropes tied parallel to each other across the towers.
there were about two minutes left.
I flipped my knees over one of the ropes and my arms over the other.
I had a classmate put the drum on top of me and I worked my way to the other tower.
We got the drum and two people over before the time ran out.
Supposedly, that was the best that the cadre had ever seen.

In the afternoon we did the Self Aid and Buddy Care Course.
It's essentially battlefield first aid.
So, all the stuff I learned in scouts and CAP, with guns and grenades.
and a lot of low crawling.

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