23 July 2005

Day 24

Day 24 Sat 23-JUL-2005
First full day at Jack's.
We ran the Obstacle Course this morning.
I passed.
The obstacle that I failed was the rope swing.
There is a pit full of water with a rope hanging over it.
A cadre holds the rope (Definitely starting out wrong),
and you run up,
grab it,
and swing across.
Easy right?
The cadre like to let go of the rope early.
I caught when I was already half way across.
Yes I was soaked.
My boots had a gallon of water each and my pants were wet.
This wasn't so bad excpept for to things
1. I was only half way through, and my boots were very heavy now (and yes we were running).
2. The low crawl was next. So now I'm wet and muddy.
The guy I was running it with said I would have had a better chance just jumping without the rope.
I could have gotten along even with these problems,
but there was one more.
This was just the familiarization run.
We still had to do it for time.
We did ok.

Next was the leadership Reaction Course (LRC).
They lock us in concrete rooms and give us a piece of rope, a plank, and a log.
Then we have to get out in 15min.
Just kidding.
There are twenty some odd Concrete rooms,
each has a different obstcale with different objectives,
with limited resources.
We have to get across the obstacle in fifteen minutes using just what we're given.
It was challenging.
A storm rolled in and we only got to do one.
Then we sat in a tent and sang songs for about three hours.
That was interesting.

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