22 July 2005

Day 23

Day 23 Fri 22-JUL-2005
Off to Jack's Valley.
I've been waiting for this part since before I got to Colorado.
Probably before I finished the application.
Marched 8 Miles to Jack's.
I carried two rifles again.
A classmate had serious blisters.

Sang all sorts of Jodies.
We ran out though, so they got recycled.
Then people started making them up.
This was OK so long as they made them up before they started singing.

When we got to Jack's we set up tents.
The last basics that had our tent didn't take care of it.
All the ropes broke, there were holes, and the doors didn't work.
Thankfully, I had used a tent similar to it in scouts.
We were able to fix just about everything.

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