10 September 2005

Warrior Run

Do you remember the Warrior Run that we were supposed to do at the end of Basic?
The one that was cancelled?
We’re doing it today.
The Warrior Run is a 36 Mile run.
It’s a relay preformed by every class since the class of 07.
The idea is that what none of us can do as individuals,
We can do as a team.
It’s timed so the last group runs into the football game at half time.

I was on the first leg.
Supposedly, that was three miles.
That was an easy three miles.
The Dean, Gen Born, was leading my group.
Gen. Weida, the Commandant of Cadets, was in his car.
He was be pacing the run.
Apparently, we were running to fast.
Gen. Weida kept telling us to slow down.
The second group wasn’t at their spot yet,
And we were going to get there before they would.
We wanted to run faster though.
We had the Dean up against the Commandant’s car.
I mean really close.
There was about foot difference between the dean and the car.

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