21 September 2005

See You At The Pole

I just got back from see you at the pole.
That was really cool.
We went out there at 0615.
That was really neat.
We were in small groups all around the flag pole.
The sun was coming up and reflecting allover the clouds.
Then the Honor Guard Details Team came and raised the flag while we were praying.
One of the upperclassmen brought out his guitar and we song some songs.
It’s nice to know that there are believers up here too.


Palm boy said...

Wow. Your in colorado springs, home of the "Radical Fundamentalist Chrisitans" and in one the most conserveative private schools in the nation.

Guess it shows!

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

It's only conservative because of the regulations.
We're trying to get a better reason though.

Anonymous said...

...Wanna Be, Pilot - Praying...

You must all ready be flying!!!