14 September 2005

Fun Stuff

I was right,
They failed us again yesterday.
I didn't see anything wrong with the room.
At least not in AMI (Morning Inspection) order.
Maybe in SAMI order,
Oh well.
We got a 95 today.
I think that’s because this inspector was from out of Squadron.
Therefore, he doesn’t know me.
Therefore, he doesn’t hate me.

Honor Guard went good.
We learned the basics of Saber Drill.
Really cool.
I’m better at Saber Drill than Rifle Drill.
I think I’m going to do Rifle Drill though.
As I was coming back to the squad,
Some of the upperclassmen saw me.
(these were the cool ones)
I was carrying my Rifle and Saber.
They had me show them what I had learned.
I did better than I had during practice.

We had our Spirit Dinner tonight.
We do them before every football game to support our team.
They brought in Domino’s Pizza.
That’s lot of pizza.
They must have closed down every Domino’s in Colorado Springs for the past week.
I heard it took their entire delivery crew to bring it up here.
They kept running out of pizza before they got to our table.
One of our football players got fed up with waiting,
So he got up to take care of it.
He walked right up to a cart and grabbed 6 boxes of pizza.
That was good.
They ordered enough for each person to eat a half a pizza.
Yes, I ate my share.
I haven’t had pizza in eons.
It’s not that I crave the stuff,
It’s just that normally the food isn’t that great here.
So this was a nice change.


Palm boy said...

So they inspecters from out of squadron are nicer?

You get to use a sword like the guy that is in the US Marines commercials? Sweet.

That is a LOT of pizza. Wow. The academy is trying to bankrupt itself, methinks.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

It's just that the inspectors from out of squad don't know who I am.
If they don't know me,
They can't hate me.
you see?

Yes, but it's called a saber.
And it's all beat up.
It's bean a practice Saber for many years,
and many cadets before me have dropped it.

No, we won't go bankrupt.
The other meals for the day were miserable pathetic.
It was t make up for the cost difference.

Rachel Sutton said...


This is my first time to look at your blog. Neat stuff! Thanks for taking the time to do a journal of this nature. We are praying for you and wishing the very best for you. Keep up your confidence in our Redeemer who gives you strength to persevere. Trials bring endurance and perfection of our faith (see bk. of James). May God's grace sustain you and give you hope for each new day.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Well Thank you.
I set this thing up so that I don't have to E-Mail fifty people about what's happening up here.
It's a little more time efficient that way.
I still like to talk to people,
But I do have homework too.