19 September 2005

The Power of the Individual

I'm sure by now you've heard about the cadet from up here who couldn’t control himself.
There’s nothing to hurt moral more than something like that.
Now I’m glad I don’t have time to go into town.
There’s nothing any of us hate more than the entire cadet wing being stereotyped by one individual’s actions.
One of the 4,000 cadets here messed up,
So now the other 3,999 of us look bad.
I don’t blame the people for the stereotyping,
I blame the media.
I’ve never heard a single positive thing about this place from the public news sources,
Only from people that are actually from here.

I understand the whole, “innocent until proven guilty” thing.
I’m just glad if he is found guilty,
He won’t be here any more.
I might be the one to get kicked out if I met him on the terrazzo.
That is, of course, assuming no one else got to him first.

I wasn’t looking forward to getting on the plane with my uniform this Thanksgiving anyway,
I most certainly don’t want to now.
I never liked hearing “Thanks for all you do for our country”
I’m just a college student.
I go to school,
That’s all.
I’m nothing special.
But I’d rather that than what I know I’m going to get now.

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