05 September 2005

Parent's Weekend

This weekend was fun.
I did absolutely nothing.
That was the first time in a long time.
We were going to camp out Friday night,
But the wind broke our tents at my Sponsor Family’s house.
So we spent the night there.
On the way to the campsite,
The car started smelling weird.
So we went back to the Academy.
I took Dad to the 10th Services Squadron Automotive Hobby Center.
We got to use a professional lift and tools.
And they had mechanics there to help.
All for $3 an hour.
After that I took my mom to the base “Walmart” (BX) and grocery store (Commissary).
Then I got dad to the gas station that’s on base.
We were able to get the gas for 20 cents cheaper because there’s no federal tax on base.
By the time we got to the campsite, it was time for bed.
The next day, we were going to see stealth, but the paper we were using was from Thursday.
That was the last day any of the theaters was showing it.
By the time we got back up the mountain, it was about 1600.
Then we were going to watch the sunset from Pike’s Peak.
When we got there,
We found that it’s $10 a person.
(I latter learned that we could have gone for $35 a vehicle)
And they don’t want any one on the top as the sun goes down.
It was a good weekend though.
I eat a ton of ice cream Sunday night.
Maybe not the best stuff for physical performance,
But It sure put me in a good mood.

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