18 September 2005

Happy Birthday Air Force!!!

58 years ago today,
The Air Force separated from the Army.
We became our own branch, equal to both the Army and Navy.
This Friday is the Air Force Birthday Ball.
This should be interesting.
It’ll be my first military ball.
Hopefully I can remember what little dancing I knew back in Texas.

I hiked Eagles Peak again today.
I went with a friend of mine from back home in Texas.
We had done a lot of work with scouts together.
We staffed a leadership camp for the council.
At the time,
It was right outside of Carswell Joint Reserve Base.
Lockheed Martin builds their F-16s out there.
The Air Force has C-130s and the Navy has F-18s out there.
We got to the point that by listening to the aircraft,
We could tell what model it was.
And look where we are now.


Palm boy said...

"Hopefully I can remember what little dancing I knew back in Texas."

Texas two step...hehehe
Going with anyone?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I won't be going with anyone.
I'm olny going because it's mandatory.
I'm sure I'll enjoy myself,
But I think homework has a higher priority.
Even if I was going to ask someone to go with me,
The odds aren't exactly in my favor up here.

Carey said...

You'll remember. You're a good dancer (compared to me... but that really isn't saying much, is it?).

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

If I wasgood at dancing,
I wouldn't have the slightest concern.
I'm not worried about it,
I just know that I'm not that great at it.