11 September 2005


I just got back from Chapel and checked my E-Mail
You'll never guess what I just got in my “Official Business Only” E-Mail.
Some sent an E-Mail to the entire class of 2009 asking if there were any girls willing to go with him to the ball that’s coming up.
If that sounds bad enough,
Consider this.
Everyone hates mass E-Mails that aren’t relevant to anything.
We read the ones from the Chain of Command so we know what’s happening.
We’ll even put up with Lost and Found E-Mails.
But this has got to be the lowest I’ve ever seen.
The last guy that sent a Mass E-Mail out with a question,
(It was a relevant question, but with an obvious answer)
Got fifty some odd E-Mails within 5 min telling him to go ask his Chain of Command.
I’d hate to know how many this guy got.
On top of being improper protocol,
That’s just a really bad way to get a date.
I almost feel sorry for him.
I know the odds are against him up here,
But they’re not any better now.


Palm boy said...

So now all the people who hate mass emails, also know his name, and all the Ladies know who to hate and not go out with?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

pretty much.
Like I said,
I almost feel sorry for him.