05 December 2006

We're Going To The Moon!!!

It's about time we went back.

CNN hasn't provided the greatest details here,
But from what I'm able to piece together,
We're actually gonna try to build a research base up there.
Apparently they're looking at using the lunar poles so they can use solar energy.
Should be fully operational by 2024.

It said we're going to try to use the natural resources to get a mars mission going.
I assume that means a mining operation.
I also assume this will use strip mining techniques.
I hope they try to localize it as best they can.

NASA is designing a new launch vehicle for this operation.
So far,
It looks a lot like the Apollo Command Module.
It’s supposed to be bigger though,
And not require someone to stay in orbit will the Lunar Lander goes down to the surface.
And apparently this thing is designed to return on land and not at sea.
Probably a good idea since it looks like we plan on doing this a lot.

CNN didn’t say this,
But I think it looks like they’re planning on two launch’s per mission.
One to get the equipment to the International Space Station,
And one to get the crew up there.
Then the crew get’s in the craft,
And goes to the moon.

Here are some computer generated images,
Courtesy of NASA.
(Do keep in mind,
These are likely to change,
Hence the lower quality of the graphics.)

It looks like I was right,
Judging by this image from NASA,
There are indeed two seperate launches.


untamed said...

We're going to the moon? When did you here about this? Wow. That's exciting!

Palm boy said...

So thats what the ISS is for...