07 December 2006

Blood Drive

We had a Blood Drive today.
As usual,
They ran out of bags.
Cadets are always willing to give blood.
We’re patriotic down to the core.
(Actually, its because we’re not allowed to do training for 24 hours afterwards)

I feel sorry for whoever gets given this cadet blood.
Seeing as how it’s the week before finals,
Everyone has more caffeine in them than normal.
(normal amounts are around 600 mg in the blood stream
I think 800 mg is supposed to be lethal to most people.)
Whoever gets this blood is going to be wired for about a week.
And then their livers will fail.

I got there in time for the most intense blood race all day.
Two freshmen had gotten hooked up about the same time.
The one who got plugged in two minutes after the other,
Had only half his bag filled while the other cadet had his about three quarters full.
Everyone was rooting for the guy with half a bag.
We were coaching him on how to squeeze the ball,
And cheering,
And everything.
He filled his bag about ten seconds before the other cadet.

We’re weird.


Palm boy said...

Militant blood donors... Cripes.

~*Joyzey*~ said...

"squeeze the ball. come on. squeeeeezze the ball..."

untamed said...

wow. :D

Anonymous said...

huh? giving blood makes you patriotic?

tabitha said...

no, it just gives them a training break...haha
I wish we had gotten a break from something when we had our blood drive. I had a purple mark on my arm for 2 weeks!