16 December 2006

The Earth CAN Be Moved

It appears I've finally found my arch-nemisis.
One who beleives that the earth cannot be moved,
and he has a website about it.

According to him...
"The Earth is not rotating...nor is it going around the sun."

THos of you who have read my "research" paper on physics,
KNOW that the Earth can indeed be moved.
I have no idea what is wrong with this guy...


Palm boy said...

Did you go looking for this site or something? Because I think it would be hard to stumble upon.

Whats even worse is this site claims to be a christian group, and the validity of the bible rests upon the orbit, or lack thereof, of the planets? Gosh.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I was googleing.
The key words I used were "TheEarthCanBeMoved is"