10 December 2006

OCF Christmas Party

Yesterday was the OCF Christmas Party.
We had it at one of the civilian girls, Sarah, house.
But her dad doesn’t like to pay a lot for decorations.
While she was at work yesterday,
A group of us went to WalMart and bought some lights and such.

The girl that was organizing the whole thing, Erika, had never hung lights before,
So she decided that I should design the decorations.
I’m not too familiar with the house.
I’ve only been there twice before,
And it was dark,
So I had no idea what it looked like.
She drew me a rough
(very rough)
Sketch and that’s all I had to go on.
I made a few estimations and began picking out boxes of lights.

So we finally got back to the house and began applying the lights.
The neighbors were very appreciative of us.
They said it had been eight years since that house had lights on it.
The stringing was most eventful.
The Andrea, Erika, and Jessica, took on a supervisory role and told Doug, Rus, and myself exactly how they wanted the lights.
My estimates came out dead on.
To the inch.
The end of the lights reached the end of the roof exactly.
That worked out well.

While we were trying to find out which bulb was dead,
Sarah’s mom returned from shopping.
She invited us to stay for dinner.
Since there were three of us on the roof,
And only one working,
I decided to go down and help prepare dinner.
I ended up making cookies too.
That was fun.

After giving up on the lights,
Russ came in to see if he could help.
While wondering through the freezer,
He found a carton of A&W Root Beer Ice Cream.
Apparently intended for root beer floats,
Sarah’s family hated it.
So Russ took it upon himself to liberate the cubic foot of space it occupied,
And ate the remaining three quarters of a gallon that was left.
Needless to say,
He didn’t stay for dinner.

After dinner we went to OCF and then returned for the Christmas party.
I had brought two cheesecakes I had made,
One of my traditional Mochas,
As well as a new experimental peppermint.
I’ve never heard of or seen a recipe for peppermint cheese cake,
So I was somewhat concerned as to how it would come out.
Turns out,
Not many people ate much of anything.
A quarter of the Mocha was eaten and no one touched that peppermint.
Maybe it was because of the color.
I’ll have to work on that.

I got a chance to catch up with a friend I have unfortunately gotten the chance to talk with much in a long while.
In the middle of the conversation,
Someone started a limbo competition.
She said she was good at that and had to go do it.
I figured,
“Meh, It’s been forever,
But what do I have to loose?”
So I went to try.
After a decently long and difficult process,
The last round included her and myself,
And ended as a tie.
I should not have gotten that far,
Being a guy,
I am infinitely less flexible.
I still hurt from that.


tabitha said...

so...what color WAS this peppermint cheesecake? do I want to know?

~*Joyzey*~ said...

You should have let her win. If it was down to the two of you, then just let her win and be happy for the night.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I had considered it,
But I'm told letting a girl win at something sends certain messages,
And I don't think that's a good idea just yet.

Anonymous said...

I haven't laughed as hard in ages. Wow, Jason, you're just like a real person, only stronger. And you can cook.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I've been upgraded to "like" a real person.

Tabitha said...

and before? you were...a figment of our imaginations? lol