23 December 2006

Hiding Spot

The kids hid something for me in the cabinet.
They moved it because the dog kept trying to get it.
But the dog smells the residue of whatever it was.
So he destroyed the cabinet trying to get it.
I doubt it’s food because they It wasn’t in the fridge.
So needless to say.
If the dog likes it that much…
I’m more than a little concerned.


Anonymous said...

Poor Jason... let us know what it is =D

I've been reading all (you've probably seen that on your tracker) but I haven't posted lately.

Good job on the swing competition, thank goodness with the plane thing, Good job on exams, oh my gosh on the snow, and have a wonderful Merry Christmas.

Palm boy said...

Serious? Sarge tore up the cabinet??

Must be good.