11 November 2005

Veteran’s Day Formation

Did you know that West Point and the Naval Academy had today off?
We didn’t,
We had the usual schedule with a few extra things.

We had a formation to retrieve the flag.
It was really cool.
Everyone was out there in formation around the Air Gardens.
After The flag was lowered,
The was a roar coming up behind us.
We were facing the flag,
So I couldn’t see what was making the noise.
But I new.
I know that sound better then almost any other.
(With the exception of the distinct sound of the family car)
It was an F-16.
I know the sound of those engines.
I spent a lot of time by Carswell Joint Reserve Base,
And I learned to identify a ton of aircraft just by listening to them.
But I new this was not just one F-16,
It had to be four.
It didn’t sound like just one.
I new they would probably be in a four ship formation too.
Then they flew over our heads and I could see them.
What a sight!
I couldn’t help but smile.


Anonymous said...

From a Veteran...

Thank you for being in Vetran's formation and the being only Academy that took the time to celebrate those that have gone before you...

Oh by the way a R U going fly the F-16's next replacment?

In formation of course ;-)

Redwalldebater said...

ROFL!! That's funny!! I think it's so funny that you could tell it was four from behind you on top of being F-16's... but then again you are at the USAFA... ROFL!