21 November 2005

Commandant’s Challenge Day 2

Today was the second day of Comm's Challenge
In the morning we had war gaming and Falcon Feud.
War gaming went well.
I wasn’t on the team,
But I heard we did well

Falcon Feud was fun.
There was one team from two different squads.
Each team had one person from each class four each round.
So there were ten rounds of four people.
We went two times against two different squads.
Each person had a buzzer.
We were quizzed on everything we’ve learned here.
Any thing to how many rooms in this building to the phone number for this office to the range of this weapon to the years this person graduated from the academy.
We dominated the other tem.
It was awesome.
We had double their score.
I managed to get two of the answers before he finished the question.

This afternoon was Field Training Exercise
They didn’t put me on a team.
So I stayed here and cleaned for tomorrow’s SAMI.
(Even thought tomorrow is Tuesday)

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