05 November 2005

AF Vs. Army

I had fun at the Army Game today.
I went to the mandatory Tail gate parties and had some fun.
Somebody had an old car out there and had spray painted ARMY all over it.
For a buck you could tack a swing at it with a mallet.
There was a pack of cub scouts there.
They gave these kids a baseball bat and they went to town on that car.
It was really funny.

In case you don’t know,
We do pushups for every touchdown.
I was down there pumping,
When I looked up and saw General Weida in front of me.
That was uber cool.
I think Gen Weida is one of the best role models here at the Academy.

Then the Army mascot came over and tried to pick a fight with the Bird.
That’s about all he succeeded at.
Needless to say,
The Bird kicked…

Even after the Bird beat him,
He wanted more.
So a few Fourth Classmen jumped out of the stands and tackled him.
He had enough after that.

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