20 November 2005

Commandant’s Challenge

Today was the first day of Comm's Challenge.
It started officially at lunch.
Our squadron’s first rotation was Drill.
So we had to go back to our rooms and change in Service Dress.
Then we grabbed our rifles and went to drill.
The first part was a uniform inspection.
Since I’m on Honor Guard,
My uniform was already set.
So I went around and helped other people with theirs.
Most of them had good uniforms.
I just fixed little things,
Link buttons that were upside down and dusting off service caps.
We did really good.
The inspector couldn’t find anything wrong with my uniform,
But he only spent about five minutes looking.
Then they graded our marching.
We already got an award for best marching squadron in the group,
And my flight is the best out of the squadron.
Everyone said we did good.
After dinner,
We had testing.
It was a 50 question test on everything we had learned during Comm’s Time.
All the Air Force policies and regulations.
That test is going to be 30% of my MPA (Military Performance Average, similar to a GPA)
I think I did well.
And that was the first day of Comm’s Challenge.
Tomorrow should be fun.
We have Falcon Feud and Field Training Exercise.
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Anonymous said...

Of course I expected to hear such a great report from one of my star students! Glad you're doing well, Jason. I hope we can see you for a little bit over Thanksgiving. We're going to A&M to visit John whom we've not seen since mid-August. He loves the Corps of Cadets and just got his brass yesterday. God bless you and have a safe trip home! Mrs. Mahler

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Say hi to him for me.
Give him my E-Mail address while you're down there.
BTW, Which branch did he choose?

Redwalldebater said...

ONLY five minutes! Dude that's crazy! How long did he spend on the other guys outfits?!
Anyway, glad you feel you did good. That's always a good sign =D

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Not too long.
He was Honor Guard Cadre.
Even though I'd never seen him before.
I could tell by the way he walked.
He knew what he was doing and what to look for.