27 November 2005

Back to the Hill

I'm back,
Doomed for another three weeks of school.
Then Finals.
Then two weeks break.
Then back again.
The cycle never ends.

Had a good time during break though.
Pigged out on Turkey and pie and such.
Mom’s a great cook

Went to my brother’s birthday party and saw some of my old friends.
We played three rounds of Laser Tag.
I was disappointed.I must be out of practice.

Went to my old Robotics Club and got to see them.
They’re doing really good this year.
They using all my ideas from previous years.
They go to Nationals this Saturday.
I expect them to walk away with 1st.

Flight home was nice.
They moved me to First Class because I was wearing my uniform.
That was cool.
I’ve heard stories about that,
But never actually seen it happen.

I sat next to a mother and her three month old baby.
I talked to her a little and found out her husband was in the Army and died in Iraq two months before the baby was born.
That made me think really hard.
I’ve thought before about dieing for my country.
I prepared to do that.
But I never thought about what it would do to the people I leave behind seriously.
I’d thought about it a little bit,
Especially after watching “We Were Soldiers”.
(the part with the telegrams and the taxi)
I don’t know if God has a family in store for me,
But I don’t know what I would do about them.
I haven’t got a problem dieing.
I’ve put my faith in Christ and He’ll take care of me.
But what about them?
I know He’ll take care of them,
But I’d hate to be the cause of the kind of grief I saw in that movie.


Palm boy said...

Your mother is a great cook! She didn't let you or your Dad near the turkey, I hope. Habenero crazed maniacs...

Laser quest was awsome. I'm suprised the orange shirt you were wearing didn't pop out under the black lights. My clothes did, after all.

Robotics is awsome!!!!!
Yeah, 1st place, no presure,no pressure.

You got first class? SWEET!!!! Hot meals and champange!!! :D
Don't have a problem with dieing... wow.
The people you leave dehind would most definatly have a problem, so don't go run into a rocket up there.

Redwalldebater said...

*sniff* that's so depressing!! Jason, how could you even type that!! Now I'm depressed. And don't you dare die out in Iraq or Afghanistan, yeah sure it's all noble and stuff but I'd have to kill you all over again if you did that!

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I don't plan on dieing.
I'm just saying that I've thought about it and come to terms with it

Redwalldebater said...

And I'm just saying you better not

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jason thanks for the comliment. I quess the competion is not too tough.

Love, Mom

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

What's that supposed to mean?

Palm boy said...

ererrr! Stay with us! Don't do it!!!!


*Jason acedentally lights up an aggie bonfire, and melts all the snow, causing a HUGE flash flood, which then frezzes over the run ways*

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Accidently lights a fire?
Lemme tell you...
There's nothing accidental abouth my fires.

Palm boy said...

Lol... True. And make that aggie bonfire a "Jason" fire.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes....(mutters) Yeah, it's gonna be hard, either way..hhhmmm, I was planning on commenting, but I am not sure what to say. What you said is PROFOUND!!!
I am not sure what to say..and yes, I agree Redwalldebater, whoever that is "you SHOULDN'T die"
if it can be avoided (smiles)