17 October 2005


This is one of the things that is going to make coming home for breaks difficult.
Because of what we’ve been through up here,
Our senses of humor are different.
For example…

This evening at OCF,
Somebody says, “I wonder what Heaven will be like?”
Someone else says, “Probably like the OCF Retreat.”
I say, “without an SCA.”
Someone else says, “And no Ac Pro!”
I know none of you would find any humor in this,
But we all thought it hysterical.
The OCF Retreat is like one of the biggest anti stress events this semester.
We get to go off base and just hang out with the upperclassmen.
SCAs are the paperwork we fill out to get excused from training to participate in another optional activity.
Academic Probation (Ac Pro) is when your GPA is below 2.0.
When on Ac Pro you can’t get off base without special paper work.

Another example…
At the Doolie Retreat,
A few of us were walking down the road when a class mate runs across the road and trips when he jumps over the ditch.
He hits the ground, rolls, and jumps back up.
We all start yelling at him saying stuff like,
“Do you think that was a proper Three-Point Roll?!?!”
“Basic! The third Core Value is Excellence! Do you think that was Excellence?!?!”
“Two obstacles back. GO!!!”
He Replies,
“Assault Course Sir!”
And keeps running.
Everyone is laughing now.

During Basic, One of the courses we did was the Assault Course.
Before and after every obstacle we had to do a three point roll.
It’s a way of hitting the ground and jumping back up quickly while holding an M-16.
If you mess up on anything they send you back to a previous obstacle.
(I know a guy who got sent back to the beginning three times)
On the Assault Course,
You DO NOT say “Yes sir” or “No sir”.
It is “Assault Course Sir!”
That is the answer to everything

This probably doesn’t make it any funnier for you,
But we live it, so we find it humorous.
I know I’m going to come home and someone will say something and it’ll trigger a memory from up here and I’ll start laughing.
Then everyone will stare at me and think I’m stupid.
If this happens to happen while you’re around,
I’m sorry.
I’m different know.
If you want to know why I thought it was funny,
I’ll be more than happy to explain it.
But you might not understand even then.

We are no longer human.
We are machines.


Redwalldebater said...

It's ok Jason, I got those after you explained the first. I got the second one though =D

Palm boy said...

We are no longer human.
We are machines.

Artificial intellegence usually beats real stupidity!

(don't know what I'm trying to say here, that just popped into my head)

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I know you'll get it,
But you probably don't think it's funny.
And if you do,
Not the same way we do.

"Artificial intellegence usually beats real stupidity"
Maybe that's we they do this to us...