06 October 2005


For those of you who don't know...
This weekend is the Air Force vs. Navy football game.
There is something in the military called interservice rivalry.
For those of you who don’t understand what I’m talking about I won’t bore you with the details.
It is sufficient to say that we enjoy poking fun at each other.
Navy, however, went a little too far this time though.
They have several exchange students who are over here for the semester.
On of them lives here with the Bulldogs.
They painted our beautiful F-4 Phantom II Blue.
This is not just any F-4 either.
It was flown by Captain Steve Ritchie (a grad of the class of 1964) in the Korean war and made six MIG kills.
And they painted it!
We are in the process of full retaliation.
We doolies managed to get into the room of the midshipman that lives with us.
We took all his uniform and spread them out.
All that he has now is his running suit.
We have plans for this weekend to.
Since it is an away game,
He’ll be leaving to go to Annapolis to watch it with the other midshipman.
We plan to fill his drawers with water and put gold fish in them.
I think a battle ship on the bottom wouldn’t be out of place either.


Palm boy said...


A battleship, aye.

So can ya'll clean up the F-4?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

We made them clean it up.
They were out there scrubing the paint off in shifts so they could still make class.
(If we skip class it's considered AWOL)

Palm boy said...

Oh-ho. Thats evil, making them clean up their mess.

Does it need a new paint job, now that it has been scrubbed?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

The F-4 Looks as good as new now.
We told them there a special cleaning product they should use that they probably don't have at the Naval Academy.
Elbow Grease.

Anonymous said...


AF Crew going to Naval Academy game this weekend sneak on to the field and paint a AF Thunderbird on to the field landing on a carrier.

Oh by the way can you guys land on a carrier in the middle of the ocean...

Hmm... who's the better pilots...


PS Navy guys really know how to use Brass-o to clean stuf it make brass shine ;-)

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I'm not sure who posted that,
but I have an idea.
I like the idea of the thunderbird,
But that's a little more complicated than the blue angel's paint scheme.
Word is that they do have some plans though.

As for the carrier question.
Why would the Air Force need to land on a carrier?
We get along perfectly fine with out them.
And honestly,
I'm glad we do.
I wouldn't want to live on a boat for nine months.

Question in return.
Why does the Navy have planes?
Because Billey Mitchell (The one responsible for a separate Air Force and the Academy) showed the navy they needed them.
In the past it was,
"He who controls the sea controls the world"
Not anymore.

Anonymous said...

Whats-Up says...


What is used to fuel your jet marvels of supersonic wonder?

Jet Propulsion fuel

Where ergo does this stuff come from and how do we get it?

a)Paper Airplane
b)Rubber band powered Airplane
c)B-25 Billy Mitchell special
d)Navigational device - A Ship


Let the rivalary rock on...

As you said...
"He who controls the sea controls the world"

Oh by the way you never know when you land lovers may need to pull another Billy Mitchell - at sea!

Be prepared...

AIR POWER rocks...

Also don't forget the Militay Dictum - He who has the higher ground has the advantage.

"I need more power to those engines, Scotty!"

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I wasn't intending for this to become in inter service debate.
That’s why I didn’t explain it in the original post.
I didn’t want ruin everyone ‘s life by telling (much less showing) hem what it was like.
In my personal opinion…
All of the services are important.
Each of us have certain things we do well.
I won’t comment on the navy’s aviation,
But aviation is our specialty in the Air Force.
If we’re not the best there is,
The rest of the military suffers because of it.
Even General George S Patton admitted that.
And so did Rear Admiral William A Moffet.
There are certain things we each do best.
Ours is aviation.
Navy’s is surface and sub-surface warfare.
The Army’s is Ground Strike.
I didn’t want to create a debate,
(Mainly because there’s nothing to debate when it comes to aviation)
Because the poor civilians reading this probably don’t care.
They probably feels like lesser people after reading this dialogue.
Do you feel any better now?
Knowing you have ruined the lives of countless innocent civilians with perpetration of lies!
(Rant mode: Engaged)