03 October 2005

The Fish

I just got back from the Officer Christian Fellowship meeting.
The guy that was teaching started with a really good analogy.
He had a gold fish in a blender.
The idea was to see how much people would go through to save the fish.
Some one snuck behind him and unplugged the blender while he wasn’t watching.
So when he lifted the fish in the container and pushed the button,
Nothing happened.
He says, “Oh! It’s unplugged.”
Set he sets the fish back down and plugs the blender in.
He forgot one minor detail though.
The puree button was still pushed in.
The girls there went hysterical.
That was not supposed to happen.
So the fish is no more.
The idea is that they were that passionate about saving the 26 cent fish,
So why aren’t we that passionate about witnessing to other people?


Palm boy said...

I hope the lid was on.

Smart commando. I'll just unplug it, and delay the fishes doom.

Jenny said...

That's the same analogy the preacher used at our youth camp this summer. Except he didn't actually blend the fish. It's a really thought provoking analogy.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

The fish wasn't supposed to get pureed.
The guy felt really bad about it.
Especially with it happening in front of all the girls.
I think he got the point across.