13 October 2005

BCT Yearbook

We finally got our BCT "yearbooks" in.
They look really dorky.
The cover is a stupid cartoon that some upper classman did during class.
It’s a cartoon of what looks like GI Joe and GI Jane.
And their uniforms are messed up.
I doubt the editing team spent much time getting this ready.
It’s more of a story book with lots of pictures.
With all the camera men that were running around,
I’d think they’d have a better selection of pictures.
We’ve already seen all of these before in other publications.
On top of that,
The captions are really lame.
They detract from the already substandard pictures.

I wonder how much was deducted from my paycheck for this lovely fire starter?


Palm boy said...

Is the sonlight yearbook better?

Is is hard back or paper?

Redwalldebater said...

ROFL!! That stinks! The year books for our Co-Op are pretty cool. I got a look at last years and they are like two to three inches thick!!

Malorie said...

Hey Flyboy,

*sigh* I wish it would snow down here... Ok, not as much as I KNOW is going to fall up there ( I feel for you I rally do! I've been up in that area enough to know ) But a little snow would be nice every once in a while!

That's sad about the year books thouhg, almost makes you wish for my mom's huh?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Oh yes.
The Sonlight’s yearbook is much better.
It’s a hard back,
But that just makes it look like a three year old’s bed time story book.

Redwalldebater said...

ROFL that stinks man, gosh I wish you luck with the next years... maybe you can get on the yearbook staff, teach them a thing or two.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I haven't got time for what I'm doing now.
There's no way I'll have time when I'm an upperclassmen.
There's a ton way cooler things to do instead.
Like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

Palm boy said...

BTC = Basic Training Camp?

Flyboy! hehhee. I like that.

So do you have to do any snow shoveling, and does it make it difficult to use the planes, flyboy?
(trying this on for size).

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

It's actually BCT
Basic Cadet Training

As for Flyboy…
That’s what MK has taken to calling me.
If any one else wants to call me that too,
That’s cool.
I actually kind of like it.