07 October 2005

It's Cold Up Here

It's freezing up here.
I woke up and was running some errands.
I had to get my parade uniform altered a special way.
I have to have special stripes on it.
As I was running the strips,
I slipped a couple of times.
I didn’t think much of this at first.
They usually water the lawn at night.
I thought it was just wet.
Then I noticed all the ice on the strips.
It’s cold.
The computer said it was 23 degrees Fahrenheit.


Anonymous said...

Hit the Sauna - Dude

Meghan said...

Hey Jason,

Just caught up on reading everything, haven't been on for a little while. I have to say that was... funny. I loved it, truely. I think I'm going to have to add this to my favorites or I'll lose the link again, anyway hi, good luck with the cold and come out of there alive (though it sounds like you won't have any trouble)

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Did you start in the june archive?
It has something for every day of basic.