07 April 2006


Oh Wow!!!
Last night we had Swing Club at the gym.
We used the mats at the gymnastics area,
So we got to learn a bunch of aerials.
So it was only six.
But that’s a lot to learn in one night.
One of them was invented/developed/created here at USAFA.

If y’all can get something organized,
I can teach you some of the moves over summer break.
Maybe we can even do multiple sessions.
And then top it all off with an entire evening of dancing.
I’ll even make dinner.
Any volunteers?


мαdd said...

Sounds like fun! While we're at it, can we go riding on some invisible horses at the Academy?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

We don't have invisible horses in our stables.
just normal ones.

Anonymous said...

apparently you have no volunteers...

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I'll bet people are jsut making sure they can do it before they commit.
And if no one can,
I'll throw something together from here.

мαdd said...

You seriously have horses?
You're joking!
What kind are they? Do you ride? Are they hunters, English, Aussie, or Western?

I'm availible all this week.
Unfortunately I have no transportation to Colorado. So we'll ethier get a BIG webcam or you'll have to drive here. o_o

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

We've got stables up here.

I didn't plan on teaching all that up here.
I was going to do it over summer break back in Texas.

Palm boy said...

I might do that, because I ain't got a clue about any of that.

Carey said...

The only time you'll probably see me this summer is camp. I'm going to be a busy little international traveller. Two countries in one summer! Yipee!

untamed said...

You have horses! That's so awesome! I'm a rider myself as well as asplode. Yeah, what kind are they? If you don't know or even care that's okay too.

Carey said...

All right, if no one else will volunteer then I will. And I'm volunteering Jer too.