02 April 2006

Spring Break

Spring Break was Great!!!
I really needed that time to unwind.
Sorry if I talked to much,
But I needed to get that out of my system.

Got in late Sat.

Went to Church Sun morning.
Did AWANA Sun evening.
They asked me to do council time for the Sparkies and T&T Guys.
When they found out I was going to talk about respecting authority,
They decided to bring the girls in too.
(I’m not implying anything here)
I did the Armor of God in a Box with the Sparkies.
I made the various pieces out of aluminum foil.
They loved that.

Mon I just hung out.
I don’t recall anything out of the ordinary happening.

Tue I went to the gym with my parents.
I got on the tread mill,
(I hate the elliptical machine they use)
And started running.
As I started singing jodies in my head I realized I wasn’t running as fast as I could.
I kept increasing the speed.
I eventually realized that the computer said I was doing ten mph.
I wasn’t even out of breath after fifteen minutes of that.
I love Oxygen.
That evening I took my sister to a dance event I had heard about.
That was fun.
I got to see some old friends there.

Wed was Sonlight.
I got to see a bunch more friends and get to know a few people better.
I got to help dissect a heart.
And then got volunteered to help in cooking.
That was fun.
I learned how to make roses for a cake with play dough.
After lunch I went to dance class and square dancing class.
Dance was with the highschoolers,
While square dancing was with the 6th-8th graders.
I show up for square dancing and then I realize,
I haven’t done this in over a year.
I don’t remember a thing.
Thankfully they started with a song that I had done so many times before I had it memorized.
So I used that to re learn everything.

I feel really bad about this one.
One of the girls didn’t have her name tag on.
Up here, if you don’t have your ID badge on someone will call you a terrorist.
So I instinctively point and say “Terrorist!”
Then instantly think, “Uh Oh.”
Fortunately I was able to explain all that to her and she was ok with it.
I felt horrible.
I had tried to keep the Cadet inside,
But he managed to get out.

Thursday I went to Hockey practice.
I spent most of the time doing Calculus.
Afterwards, a family invited me over to play a board game.
Axis & Allies.
I had been wanting to play that game for the past six years.
And to top it all off,
I got to make dinner.
Well, not entirely,
I think I took over the kitchen.
I walked into the kitchen and noticed that they were cooking spaghetti.
So I took it upon myself to finish the job.
I love cooking.
I don’t get much chance to cook up here.

I went to the Ballet.
I had gotten volunteered to help move the stage from the studio to the church they were performing at.
That was fun.
The ballet was good to.
(My sister thinks I’m crazy for actually enjoying watching a ballet)
Afterwards I went with a few people to watch King Kong at someone’s house.
Apparently it was supposed to be a scary movie.
But we had a narrator who actually made it rather humorous.

I flew back to Colorado on Saturday.
The Co-Pilot is a T-38 instructor at Sheppard AFB.
I saw the T-38 sticker on his bag and asked him.
The were several Air Force enlisted Security Forces guys headed to Fort Carson on my plane.
They were going for training before heading out to the sand box.
A lot of them were going for their second deployment.
When the plane landed the lady on the speaker thanked all the service men on the plan for their service.
I felt horrible about then.
I was getting the same thanks they were.
I’m a college student.
They were headed into the thick of the fighting.It didn’t seem right.

I slept all that day and for twelve hours that night.
I guess I was recovering from spring break.
I must have partied too hard.
(Yeah right…)

I’m back in my dorm,
Doing the same old thing,
Counting down until my next leave.
Six more weeks of school!!!
That’s not even two full months!
Those six weeks will be spent working harder than I have previously.
Oh well…

I didn’t get in trouble for damage to government property.
For those of you who are in on the joke,
You can laugh.
For those of you who are clueless,
Find someone who is laughing.


Carey said...

*AHEM* What else did you do on Friday?

Palm boy said...


(what did he do?)

How was King Kong?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Ok, this wasn't a complete list.
I've been remembering things that I forgot to put in.

Redwalldebater said...

Ok, what if you can't find people who are laughing? Can't someone explain it to poor old me?

Carey said...

He got a new girl friend, for one. She is a zodiac palm something-or-other. Don't know... I am a techno-retard.

Carey said...

And he freaked out Jonathan in the airport.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I had forgoten about Jonathon.
I wouldn't go so far as to call it my new girl freind yet.
These things take time.
The hardware is good,
But the Zodiac GUI is taking a while to get used too.

Carey said...

Ah, right. OK.

Red Rover said...

Sounds like a pretty good break all around! Ahh, Spring break! Was it really only a year ago that I was able to enjoy it!
Long live Sparkies!

Palm boy said...


2 SD card slots!

And what did you do to Johnathan?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I scared him and the entire airport.

Palm boy said...

Bomb threat?