14 April 2006

The American People

You gotta love 'em.
The US is the most diverse country on the planet.
You can be anybody,
Believe anything,
And do just about any thing.

Take the protesters that are at the Chapel right now.
They are from all over the country,
They beleive that being a homosexual is natural,
And they're protesting because they can't join the military.

The gay rights folks don’t like the fact that we don’t let them talk about their beliefs publicly if they join the military.
The problem there is beyond me.
We don’t talk about our religious or political beliefs because that can be controversial,
And their lifestyle is most certainly controversial.
We don’t prohibit them from serving,
We just prohibit them from announcing their views to everyone around them.

Which is actually in their best interest.
If a unit knew that one of their members was gay,
That person would be ostracized.
That’s just the way it would happen.

As we were walking to lunch,
We saw them standing on the wall with their backs turned to us.
(We were all secretly hoping one of tem would jump in so we could watch SF take them out.)
I commented to one of my friends about the joys of potentially sacrificing your life so that people who hate you can live.
Then he said something that reminded me about why I’m here.

I’m not here to serve all of the people that live in the United States.
I’m here to defend my family, friends, and their freedoms.
If these other people get to enjoy those freedoms,
That’s fine.
But that’s not why I’m here.

I don’t remember the movie,
But it was one of those doomsday films,
As usual,
A crew was sent to ward off the on coming danger.
One of the lines went something like this.
“You can’t save the world, That’s to big of a job for one person. But you can save just a few people.”

I can't save the world,
But I can save the few I love.


Palm boy said...

I was wondering your opinion on this issue. Guess this is what I expected. :D

Why were they protesting the Academy??

And if they hate the military, they had better be pretty darned thankful they live in america, and are protected by the 1st ammendment.

Carey said...

“You can’t save the world, That’s to big of a job for one person. But you can save just a few people.”

Love that quote. Very true.

And thank you.

мαdd said...

I had a nice long post but I accidentally left the page and lost it. Sorry. ;;

Carey said...


Redwalldebater said...

And that's a noble reason Jason... I aplaud you for that

Carey said...


мαdd said...

Thanks for working to make our country and our lives better, Jason. We appreciate you and all your comrades-in-arms.

untamed said...

Thank you. All I can say is thank you for all of you guys (and gals) out there serving our country. I would be right there beside you if I could. I hope you know that you all are in our prayers.