07 January 2006

You might be a Cadet if...

Some of these were sent to me,
Some I came up with,

You might be a Cadet if...
You march to lunch.
You can guess how many shirt garters someone is wearing just by looking at their shirt.
You weekends are color coded
You get excited when they allow you to go out on your weekend.
Never make any plans for the weekend because now your pass is revoked.
They monitor the number of knick-knacks on your desk.
Who says knick-knacks? well obviously we do.
The odds are good, but the goods are odd.
You can tell the temperature of the room by the solidity of shoepolish
Your idea of fun is Empire Earth.
You are forced to learn all about Empire Earth.
You get your uderwear issued
Your rifles dont work..
You have to clean your rifles so they would theoretically work.
You aren't allowed to use a cell phone unless you are standing still
You carry your backpack in your hand

1 comment:

Palm boy said...

Empire earth? Whats up with that?