01 January 2006

New Years

New Years was fun.
I went to a party with some friends and played a bunch of cool games.
Like Apples To Apples and Snorta.
My friend’s little sister is asking “Can we play Apples To Apples?”
And I say “Bananas”
She says “No, Apples To Apples”
Apples To Apples!”
She got tired of that after a while and went to the kitchen to ask the people there.
“Do you guys want to play Apples To Apples?”
So I sneak up behind here and whisper in her ear…
She just about jumped out of her skin.
Then she goes into the garage and asks those people.
“Do you guys want to play Apples To Apples?”
Once again,
I sneak up behind here and whisper in her ear…
Same reaction.
It was actually quite funny.
It got even more amusing as the evening progressed.
After a while one of the dads asked if I wanted to go with him and his son to another party for a Air Soft war.
I went and shot a few people.
I didn’t get the adrenaline I was expecting.
I guess after the stuff we do at USAFA,
Nothing really does it but the real thing.
The people I came with still wanted to play,
So I took off and ran back to the other party.
Showed up there and played a few more games.
And now it’s 2006.
Woo Hoo…
One more semester of the Fourth Class year.


Palm boy said...

Naw, you were just scared of our arsenals. Lol,I didn't know you ran. Wow, thats a long run. For me, anyways...

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

You're "arsenals" were weak and pathetic.
I got shot by a CO2 at point blank and it didn't phase me.
And no, it was not far,
it only took a few minutes.