28 January 2006

Annapolis the Movie

I went to see Annapolis the Movie with me family.

The trailer was nothing like the movie.
It made it look like,
"Macho Navy is the toughest Service Academy"All of us up here know that West point is tougher than that Naval Academy.And I talked to a West Point exchange student who said that we have it tougher up here.Wow!
So I was looking forward to coming back and saying,“Non of the Service Academies do that,And most certainty Navy.”(Dad, I don’t want any of those comments I know you’re thinking ofGet your own blog.)The only thing I saw that would never happen is the pushup in the rain and running around campus with logs.

The trailer was a little misleading in its numbers too.
It said “Over 50,000 student applied to this Academy”
The uncut line from the movie said “Over 50,000 students inquired about applying to this Academy.”

From the trailer,
I expected to see a movie showing how tough the Naval Academy was.
It’s just a boxing movie.
On a side not…
The Naval Academy likes to brag about their Boxing program.
But we always beat them.
This year I think it was 8-3

Other than that,
It was a good movie,
Aside from the fact that it’s Navy.

I thought one part was rather humorous.
(Because it was true)
The main character packs his back and reports in the first day.
The guy checking bags at in-processing digs around,
Pulls out a toothbrush,
Tosses the bag in a bin,
Hands him the toothbrush and says,
“Welcome to the Navy.”

I thought the leadership philosophy was very good.
It shows this one upperclassman how had been in the marines before going to the academy.
He was always pushing the main character,
Trying to make him a better leader.
He succeeded in the end.

Also, the body bag statement was thought provoking.
“If you become officers,
This is where they’re going to put your mistakes.”


Palm boy said...

So was it just about a guy at the academy for a few weeks, or does he graduate?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

No, It shows his first year there

Carey said...

When I first saw the trailer for that movie, I immediately thought of you (even though you're in the Air Force instead of the Navy).