19 January 2006

First Snow, First Shirt.

So maybe the snow isn't that bad.
There's a tradition up here call First Snow First Shirt.
(For those of you who don't know,
The First Shirt is a nickname for the First Sergeant.
He's the #2 guy in the squadron.)
The way it works,
The first snow of the semester,
All of the 4 Degrees attack the First Shirt and take him outside and make his life miserable.
This proved rather difficult.
Our First Shirt for this semester is a football player.
Big guy.
After we got him to the ground,
About 20 of us just sat on him.
While the rest of us duct taped him.
Fifteen minutes and two roles of duct tape later...(He broke the first wrapping)
We carried him down the stairs to go outside.
As we're carrying him he yells,
"You're all restricted this weekend!”
(That means we can’t leave base,
We’d be stuck here)
To which I reply,
“Who cares?
It’s a Silver Weekend!”
(Silver weekend mean training,
So we can’t sign out anyway.)
“Then you’re all restricted next weekend too!”
Yeah right

This tradition is actually forbidden.

Does it look like we care?


Palm boy said...

Hahaaha. Dang, that would stink.

So he broke the first wrapping? wow.

Carey said...

*rolls eyes* Men.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

It's called Male Bonding
It doesn't happen unless the physical violence and verbal insults.

Palm boy said...

Along with copious amounts of duck tape apparently. :D

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

the duct tape is just a bonus

Grasshopper said...

Ahhh. Memories. That's hilarious with a great pic to boot.